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North Inch Golf Course. Perthshire. 2015

Learn To Play Golf

The Hardest Thing About Golf Is Knowing Where To Start!  

We want as many people as possible to have the chance to try this amazing game of ours and so we've come up with a cunning plan - let's just PLAY golf!

Throughout the year we will be holding adult beginners golf sessions where right from day one you'll be learning to play golf out on the golf course.  Not just learning how to swing the club and hit the ball (we can pick that up as we go!) but getting out there and playing together, socialising, exercising and most of all, having fun - golf is a game after all!

It doesn't matter if you've never played golf before, we provide everything you'll need, just come along and give it a try.  

Starting on Sunday the 4th of October at 4pm and running for 4 weeks, we will be holding weekly group sessions out on the golf course for men who want to learn to play golf. 

Each session will last roughly an hour and we will provide all the clubs and golf balls (although if you've got your own clubs feel free to bring them along) all you need is some sensible footwear (trainers are fine) and something comfortable (and possibly waterproof!) to play in.

The sessions will be held out on the North Inch golf course and each week we will concentrate on a different aspect of the game but the focus will always be on having fun and helping each other to learn through playing.

The 4 week block costs just £40 per person and as well as 4+ hours of on-course coaching we will also include 4 weeks free membership of our 6-hole short course so you can get as much solo practice as you like in between sessions!  

Places are limited so email us via the link below to sign up for the next block of introductory lessons kicking off on Sunday the 4th of October.

But Why Play Golf?

Golf is a fantastic way to meet new people, get more excercise, spend more time outdoors and generally improve your health and wellbeing.  It is also one of the few sports that can truly be played for a lifetime -   just look at the number of retired sports men and women who take up golf!

Whether you play for fun or for competition, we think golf is a game that everyone can enjoy and with a great golf facility like the North Inch right in the heart of Perth there's never been a better time to get out there and give it a try!  

Make 2020 the year you decide to take your first swing towards a lifetime of good fun, good health and good golf!

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