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Handicap Tracking

We now offer a FREE handicap tracking service to all of our season ticket holders! 


Who is it aimed at?


This service is aimed at anyone who is interested in tracking their progress on the golf course.  Perhaps those of our season ticket holders who aren't already members of one of our affiliated clubs, golfers who might be new to the game or even those who play regularly but don't have a handicap currently but just want something to aim for when they play for fun.  This could even act as a stepping stone to joining one of our clubs and playing in competitions or it can just be used as a means of tracking your progress - it's entirely up to the individual golfer. 

How does it work?

It couldn't be easier!  Any time you play 18 holes on the North Inch, mark your score down and hand in your card when you finish.  We input your scores into our handicap tracking system and generate a handicap for you - and that's it!  Then each time you hand in a new score your handicap will be adjusted accordingly letting you chart your progress over the season.

Why Track My Scores?

One of the great pleasures of playing golf is seeing yourself improve and get better over time.  If you aren't a member of a club and you don't play competitively then it can be hard to measure this.  Even if you aren't interested in playing in competitions and play purely for enjoyment it can still be rewarding to record your results and challenge yourself to improve!  More and more sports such as running and cycling have introduced ways of tracking and sharing your progress for this very reason - it's motivating, challenging and fun to share your results with your buddies!

Is It An Official CONGU Handicap?

No.  Whilst the system we will use for calculating your handicap is similar to the one used by clubs for official competitions, the handicap we issue is only for illustrative purposes so that you can track your progress.  To get an officially recognised CONGU handicap for use in competitions you still need to join an affiliated club (find out more about our affiliated clubs here).

How Do I Get Started?

When you arrive at the course just let the starter know that you would like to register and that you are playing a counting round before you tee off.  After your round simply sign your card and hand it in to the starters box (or drop it in next time you are at the course if we are closed) and that's it - we do the rest!  

Come in and speak to one of the starters next time you are at the course or drop us an email if you would be interested in signing up, we'd love to hear from you!

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