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North Inch Golf Course. Perthshire. 2015

Get Into Golf Season Ticket

Get into Golf at North Inch Golf Course

Only £145

Starting out in golf can be a bit daunting sometimes.  Where do you go to learn?  What are the rules? Will it be expensive?  Will everyone be better than me?


Our Get Into Golf Season Ticket is designed specifically to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for beginners to take up the game.  It is aimed at those people who are completely new to the game or who may have played a few times before but have never held an official golf handicap.

A Get Into Golf Season Ticket gives you access to the course and practice facilities 7 days a week but tee times are restricted to the following:


Monday-Friday  11am-3pm then any time after 5.30pm

Saturday/Sunday Any time after 2pm 

Get Into Golf season ticket holders can also attend up to 4 hours of group coaching sessions which are held throughout the season (dates for group coaching sessions are published around mid April and need to be booked in advance.  

We don't have waiting lists or any other joining fees, simply contact the Starter's Box for more information or drop us an email and we will be in touch!

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More About "Get Into Golf"


Our ‘Get into Golf’ Season ticket is restricted to a maximum of 2 years, after (or during) which time we hope that you will be enjoying your golf enough to want to become a full Season Ticket holder!

Get Into Golf is strictly limited to those who are complete beginners and have never been Adult members of a club or held an official golf handicap. 

If you decide that you would like to join a club and play in their events, then you will be required to upgrade to a full season ticket.

Please note Get Into Golf season ticket holders are not able to sign on guests at a discounted rate.


But Why Take Up Golf?

It’s fair to say that golf has suffered from a bit of an image crisis in the past.  Traditional golf clubs were often seen as stuffy, old fashioned and a little bit snobby!  Joining fees, waiting lists and expensive annual fees made joining a golf club seem like a huge, time consuming and expensive ordeal!  This has led to declining participation in golf and falling memberships at a lot of golf courses.

Not so at the North Inch!  


We believe that golf is a game that everyone should be able to enjoy and we work hard to ensure that they can.  Our fees are affordable, offer great value for money and the course itself is going from strength to strength as we continue to improve the conditions and facilities year on year

Playing golf regularly can provide a lifetime of benefits both physical and mental.  Various studies have shown that golf is one of the most beneficial low-impact sports you can play and that people who play golf regularly are more likely to live longer, avoid a huge range of health complaints and injuries, be happier, fitter and able to stay physically and socially active for longer. 


At just over 5000 yards the public North Inch course isn’t the longest but even the straightest hitters out there will cover close to 6km over the course of their rounds (for the rest of us it might be more like 7 or 8km!)

Golf is also one of the very few games which can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Kids can start to learn as soon as they are able to swing a club and seniors can continue to play well into their 80's and beyond unlike higher impact sports like football, rugby and tennis.  Golf really is one of the few games where grandparents, parents and children can all take part together.

Arnold Palmer said it best:

 “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect.  Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character”

- No waiting lists - sign up and start playing today!

- Season starts on the day you sign up and runs up until 31st March the following year.

- Play 7 days a week, all year round within the restricted tee times listed above.

- Attend up to 4 hours of group coaching sessions with other Get Into Golf season ticket holders.

- Free club hire 

- Easy walking and enjoyable layout - perfect for beginners!

- Use our practice facilities including par 3 course anytime

- Upgrade to a full season ticket to join one of our affiliated clubs and play competitively

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