North Inch Golf Course. Perthshire. 2015

Covid 19 Rules of Play

During this most recent lockdown a number of rules and regulations will be introduced to ensure a safe environment for our golfers and our staff. 

Please have a good read through and if you wish to download a copy, see the link below.



The following procedures form our policy for “Playing Safe and Staying Safe” during these times of Government restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This guidance note will be reviewed weekly. During this time, we will continue to be led by Government guidance and best practice from the golf governing bodies, as well as listening to the feedback from our golfers.


To Access the Golf Course a player MUST:

  • Not be displaying any COVID-19 symptoms

  • Not be in self-isolation

  • Not have been out of the country in the last 14 days

  • Have a pre reserved tee time booking on our Online system or by telephone.



  • Tee times MUST be pre-booked via the BRS booking system, this can be done online or by calling the starters box on 01738 636481. Absolutely no roll up play will be permitted.

  • The maximum number of golfers per tee time is 2 people. If you have booked as a single, then you may be paired with other golfers, due to the demand on tee times.

  • Bookings will be available up to eight days in advance for Season Ticket holders and five days in advance for visitors.

  • The Golf starters box will be open between 8.30am-4pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-3pm Sat/Sun

  • Season Ticket holder tee times are available 8.30am-4.30pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-4.30pm Sat/Sun. No play will be permitted out with these times. Tee times outwith the starters box opening hours are for season ticket holders only and no guest or visitor play is permitted in these times.

  • Visitor tee times are available 8.30am-4pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-3pm Sat/Sun.

  • Tee time interval will be 10 minutes.


Arrival at the Golf Course

  • Golfers MUST travel separately or with family members living in the same household to the golf course.

  • Bells Sports Centre will remain closed and there will be no access to locker rooms or toilet facilities. Provision has been set up with Bells to organise a one-time collection of equipment from the locker rooms. Please call the starters box on 01738 636481 if you require to do this.

  • Golfers must arrive at the starters box no more than 10 minutes before their pre-reserved tee time. Golfers must not to enter the starters box unless a payment is due to be made.

  • Payment is to be made by card and the use of cash is discouraged.

  • The practice putting green will remain open, although all holes will be filled in. We suggest putting towards a tee peg. The next game due to tee off will have use of putting green.

  • The practice net will be closed initially.

  • Golfers must adhere to government social distancing guidelines around the starters box, remaining at least 2 metres from others always.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the starters box.


On the Course

  • Play MUST start from the 1st tee. Starting from any other point is not permitted.

  • Flag pins to remain in the hole at all times and MUST not be touched.

  • Bunker rakes have been removed from the golf course and preferred lies within 6 inches are permitted. Golfers must make their best effort to smooth the sand using their club and/or foot. Mini clip on rakes are also available for sale in the starters box.

  • All non-fixed bins have been removed from the course and golfers must store any rubbish in their bags and dispose of at home or use one of the council bins located around North Inch.

  • Golfers must adhere to government social distancing guidelines around the starters box, remaining at least 2 metres from others always.


After the Round

  • On completion of play, golfers must make their way immediately from the golf course. There MUST be no lingering around the starters box area.



We are aware that guidelines may vary slightly between golf clubs. We have set our guidelines in line with the R&A, PGA and BIGGA notices, so that there is a degree of consistency. These guidelines will be routinely updated as circumstances change.

The rules are in place to protect your safety and the safety of fellow golfers and staff.  This will not be golf as we previously knew it in the short term, but hopefully still great fun and some good exercise.


All golfers MUST adhere to the above guidelines.

There will be a zero-tolerance approach to anyone not adhering to the guidelines.